Foster Farms Organic Chicken + Giveaway

In my vague memory, I recall in television commercials where Foster Farms committed to selling chicken raised on organic feed and without the use of anti-biotics. I’m not one to get preachy but you can see in my previous posts that I am a proponent of all natural products. Not everything I eat is organic though and I only buy organic products where I can afford to. When Foster Farms offered me gift cards in exchange for reviewing their new organic chicken line, I jumped at the opportunity. I took the gift card to my local Safeway where they only had chicken breast fillets that day. I’m more of a thigh woman myself. *hubba hubba* It was also on sale though!
Bay Area Safeways will demo the line of Organic chicken in stores on weekends from March 2 through May 8.
Photo from The Truth About Ag
The organic breast fillets are smaller and more tender than regular chicken breasts. Have you seen those food documentaries on Netflix showing a hormone injected chicken with huge pecs sitting on skinny feet? When I went to Vietnam, I saw most of my family’s back yard chickens looked like that 1957 chicken and they are of different breeds and colors rather than the ubiquitous white ones we see in America. The 2005 chicken is really a product of modern agricultural practices. It’s scary to think about.
But first, chicken tenders.
My husband is a huge fan of children’s food such as chicken tenders so I thought these were perfect for the recipe. I cut the fillets even thinner and soaked them in buttermilk for a few hours.
We had leftover croutons from our Superbowl party so I pulvarized one and half bags using the Ninja Kitchen 2-in-1 processor/blender which I love using for everything!
First an egg wash then a coat of breading, then egg wash, then breading. After doing 2 big pieces that way, I got lazy and only coated them once. They all turned out well but two coats does give a better crunch.
Fry them on both sides in vegetable oil until golden brown.


It was 11PM and I was packing our lunches for work so I couldn’t get any staged shots. But oh man, trust me, they were so good. Buttermilk and breading goes so well together. Next time, I won’t cut the fillet in half to keep the breasts even juicier. I didn’t really taste a difference between organic vs regular chicken but I could see and feel the difference in the raw chicken. It’s certainly smaller, more tender, and leaner cut of meat.
If you want to try making breaded buttermilk organic chicken yourself, Foster Farms has given me three $20 gift cards to Safeway to raffle off. There will be three different winners. The contest will end at midnight on 2/25 and I will notify the winners ASAP. This giveaway is only open to US residents.

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