Traveling – Hong Kong Sights and Scenery

This very lucky little boy has been able to travel a few times so far. Seriously though, take advantage of free flights before 2. It’ll start to cost a lot to travel with kids later. We visited family in Hong Kong in December 2016 and I was able to capture so many good photos of little bear in action. I’m making a goal for myself to carry my camera around more often, practice with the settings, and also record and edit more video. There’s no shortage of inspiration when you have a muse like this. I do have to snap a billion photos to get one where he isn’t moving all over but that’s toddlers for ya!

Some sites featured in this gallery are:
Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Garden
Snoopy’s World
Lantau Island
Tai O Fishing Village
Hysan Mall

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Here’s also a video I made of our trip to Lantau Island and Tai O Fishing Village

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