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In my limited overseas travel, I find that my favorite foods from other countries tend to be fruits and vegetables. Some are simply too perishable to transport and others just taste differently in a different country. Thai green beans tasted so different in Thailand in an indescribable way. I mean, we have lots of green bean varieties here but the soil is just different I guess. From Hong Kong, my favorite vegetable is celtuceย (which I’ve already written about in my food blog). It looks like lettuce and is sweeter, more tender, and less fibrous. It’s often braised or sauteed with dried shrimp. To this day, I still haven’t found celtuce in any American store.

In our last visit to Hong Kong, we were exposed to so many other foods that our 2014 visit didn’t show us. There was a restaurant that served a whole King crab steamed with egg whites. It was so sweet and juicy. Other highlights included some of the best dau fu fa I’ve had in my life, and some interesting grilled seafood from street vendors at Tai O Village.

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Here’s some video footage taken from our trip.

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