Wearing This – Coffee Shop Style

I like to think of myself as a writer and that I have important things to create when I tell my husband he’s on Daddy duty for a few hours because I need to “focus” at a coffee shop. In reality, I just like the idea of being productive outside the home but not working for someone else. None of my good writing has ever been done at a coffee shop. The only time I can truly focus is at my desk with all my notes and photos organized for easy access. Coffee shops are good for introverted people to remain introverted in a social environment. It’s perfectly acceptable to people watch. Plus, the latte art Instagram photos on wood grain tables is a MUST HAVE!

For coffee shop working, I wear layers toย adjust to indoor or outdoor seating and varying temperatures in the store. I will be sitting for a long time so I get comfy. I choose seats near an outlet and by a window if I can. My favorite drinks are iced latte, regular latte, or anything sweet.

Photography: Nicole Ho Tang

Location: Blue Bottle Coffee

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