Traveling – Two Meals in Half Moon Bay

Seafood in seaside towns are often some of the best. This is why we only wanted to eat seafood during our short stay in Half Moon Bay. Here are two notable meals we had.

The Fisherman’s Taverna

Right off the main street heading in to the town was a corner lot that looked much like where a gas station should be. The Fisherman’s Taverna and it’s neighbor the Half Moon Bay Fish Market occupied the small corner lot. We found it on Yelp and were jonesing for a seafood fix. The complimentary fresh house made potato chips were a very nice touch to the meal. The best part of our meal were the crispy crab cakes with fresh chunks of crab meat. We also ordered shrimp and crab cocktail which were only just so-so although the generous helping of crab meat was very fresh. Afterwards, Phil tried a fresh oyster on the half shell from Half Moon Bay Fish Market. So good!

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Sam’s Chowder House

In the South Bay, Sam’s Chowder Mobile has been a huge hit for their lobster roll. While in Half Moon Bay, we had to try the restaurant to see if it was even better. I got the lobster roll on that signature buttery brioche roll. It tasted a bit different than I remember from the truck. A little less mayo I guess. It was still good but didn’t live up to my expectations. The calamari was worth it and the clam chowder was also tasty. I don’t think I need a second trip back here. Nothing really stood out.

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