Wearing This – Athleisure, Fitbit, and Nike

You guys, I don’t quite understand the concept of athleisure. It’s athletic but also leisure wear. Isn’t that just a lazy Sunday morning outfit? Well here I am taking a stab at the concept. Literally being athletic and then sitting leisurely while wearing the same outfit. Actually, I dress like this whenever I’m outside of work, because who needs pants and sleeves?!

The Fitbit Charge 2 is so awesome. It keeps me on track with my 10K daily step goal. I haven’t lost much weight since I started to wear it but it does influence small decisions in my daily life like whether I should take the long route to walk to the bathroom at work or whether I should pace the room to digest my dinner. On lazy rainy days when the idea of going to the gym is dreadful, I look at my step count on the Fitbit and seeing the low number motivates me to improve that. It also tracks my sleep which helps explain why I feel tired on certain days.

Photography: Khanh T.

Location: 1 Oz Coffee

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