Wearing This – Young Professional and Unemployed

Look at this young professional sitting on a bench. She looks cool and important but in reality she is unemployed.

Recently, I experienced my first lay off and it sucked. Interviewing for jobs while not having one in hand and fighting the hordes of competition in the Silicon Valley was mentally draining. I kept busy by freelancing and working on this blog. For a while, I made a serious attempt to freelance as a career. The idea of being with my son full time and working nights and weekends from the comfort of my own home sounded great. It didn’t take long to realize that freelance writing generally pays pennies. Some outlets pay very generously per article but the writer would still need to pitch constantly to line up more work. It’s unstable. A freelancer acts as our own marketing, accounting, and creative departments. There are no benefits like PTO, employer sponsored health insurance, and retirement plans. That’s when it really hit me that deep down, I enjoy the stability of a full time job outside the home.

I have much respect for those who can make a living by writing, or freelancing, or any other creative endeavors. I really enjoyed my brief glimpse into an alternative career, a different lifestyle, and the version of me that was crafted.

Photography: Khanh T.

Location: 1 Oz Coffee

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