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There’s a new fast casual restaurant in town and it’s already a beloved for those familiar with the brand from Maui. Coconut’s Fish Cafe recently opened in Cupertino to an eager crowd tech employees and curious diners who had seen construction in progress for almost 14 months. The family owned brand brings its famous fish tacos, fish and chips, and ahi poke to the Bay Area. The beach hut style decor with custom surf board tables creates an inviting environment for families. Food is ordered and paid for at the counter, drinks are self service, and food is brought to your table. Our family was recently invited for a complimentary lunch here and were so glad the owners could fit us into the already packed dining room.

The atmosphere here is lively and vibrant. With the California sunshine streaming through the windows, it’s hard not to feel a bit of that Hawaii vibe minus the ocean breeze. We really enjoyed our meal here and the service we received. The food is lighter and healthier than other Hawaiian food I’ve had although that doesn’t mean the portions are smaller.ย Here are a few of the dishes we tried.

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($14.95) Fish Taco Salad

Fish tacos are the signature dish here. I was not in the mood for tacos since we just had them the day before but I did want to try the salad version. I think this was grilled ono and mahi mahi on a bed of romaine with mango salsa on top. I was very pleased with the generous amount of fish on this salad and the mango salsa is just perfect!

($12.99) Fish and Chips

We thought the Fish and Chips were a stand out dish. It should actually be the signature dish. There were two different fish, breaded and fried and served with a delicious housemade tartar sauce. The sauce is part of what made the dish so good. Because the fish is breaded rather than battered, it’s healthier and tastes lighter. This one is worth coming back for.

($10.99) Ahi Poke

I can’t resist a good ahi poke when I see it on the menu. Coconut’s version has three sauce options: regular, spicy, or teriyaki. I got regular which tasted like shoyu and a bit of teriyaki. The tuna chunks were big and already marinated, served with a spoon of soy sauce for dipping. I enjoyed the dish overall.

($4.99) Cup of seafood chowder

My husband enjoyed the cup of seafood chowder, remarking that it’s larger than he expected. It was thick and chunky, full of fish bits. He said it’s one of the better seafood chowders he’s had.

20010 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014


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