Pregnant – One Day Our Lives Changed

I’m pregnant! Let’s just get that out of the way. I’m not one for building suspense. For the next months, I will write a series of 9 posts to chronicle this pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I didn’t write much about it and now I wish I had something to look back on and compare all the details. So here we are, pregnant. and it’s


Here’s the test I took to confirm the pregnancy. These really cheap and messy sticks I ordered in a bulk pack from Amazon that come with the stupidest tiny urine catcher cup. It did the job though.

Twins ultrasound at 7.5 weeks

Exhibit 1: Proof of two peas in a pod. I get asked this question a lot so I’ll just answer it up front now. These are not IVF twins.

Now for the hard part: pregnancy with twins, and then raising 3 under 3! We need to get ready for a life of poverty and stress but lots of fun…ish…I hope?

Photos by K. Tran

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