Pregnant – Two’s a Crowd

Of the many untrue wives tales floating around, I chose to believe the one that if you’re having two pregnancies, one will be hard and the other will be easy. In the first pregnancy, I had bleeding in the first trimester and needed progesterone supplements, and then cholestasis rash in my third trimester. I thought this second pregnancy would be the easier one. IT IS NOT! I am in the second tri and I am only gradually and marginally feeling better than the first. Some days I still feel like I’m barely hanging in there and adulting is an extremely difficult task. Next thing I know, I will be into third trimester where cholestasis rash could reappear.

ย With this twin pregnancy, everything really is double. Double the intensity of sickness and the duration of it. Double the appetite and weight gain. It’s so shocking that the doctor’s scale shows I gained 9lbs in a month so why am I still starving all the time? And none of this food tastes good because I still have this constant taste of MSG in my mouth, especially when eating meat. The scale seems to imply that I’ve been enjoying my food when in fact, everything’s been gross.

Photo from first trimester

What I never counted on was triple the doctor’s visits per month. A standard is to see your OB once a month. The twins have been confirmed as identical monochorionic diamniotic (shares same placenta separated by a thin membrane). These type of twins who share the same placenta risk getting an unequal amount of nutrients so every 2 weeks, I go in for an echocardiogram to monitor that they are growing evenly. On top of these visits, I am trying to get in to see a neurologist to follow up on the seizure I had during week 11 and make sure there isn’t a bigger problem there.

So yeah…these dang twins! Double the cuteness below for anyone who thinks it’s fun to have twins when they’re not growing them and won’t be taking care of them. =(

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*photos by K. Tran

Twin Baby A at 16 weeks
Twin Baby B at 16 weeks


Photo from first trimester



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