Attending This – Whole Foods Summer Dinner

Last week, I attended the Summer Dinner at Whole Foods Market Santa Clara, my favorite WFM location in the South Bay. The event was to introduce and celebrate some of the brand’s key local vendors through a dinner interpreted by Chef Melissa King using the vendors’ ingredients. Frog Hollow Farm, Jacobs Farm, Bonny Doon Vineyard, Panorama Meats, and Nicasio Valley Cheese Company were the vendors celebrated that night.

Once again, the Whole Foods marketing team, in store staff, and kitchen staff knocked it out of the park with another wonderful event. There was an abundance of food representing the theme of the night and decor to match. Moscow Mules, Bonny Doon red and white wines all around, and plenty of produce.

Fig branches

Scallop Crudo with Chilled Coconut Broth

Our first course featured raw chilled scallop slices with stone fruit from Frog Hollow Farm. A perfect and refreshing starter for a summer dinner.

Cross section of beef tenderloin

The entree was this perfectly cooked grass-fed beef tenderloin from Panorama Meats, juicy tomatoes from Jacobs Farm, and a divine, naturally sweet corn puree.

Fromage Blanc Panna Cotta with Stone Fruit

Everyone’s favorite dish was this panna cotta made from Nicasio Valley fromage blanc cheese. It only tastes subtley like cheese and mostly like a less sweetened cheesecake. Topped with more Frog Hollow Farm stone fruit. Always have to have plums and pluots in the summer.

Members of the local media and foodies walked away with our stomachs full, our hearts delighted, and a gift box of even more of the goods featured that night. More pictures below.

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