Pregnant – Four Ways Our Expenses Increased With a Twin Pregnancy


Raising twins will be pricey as expected. We are already experiencing some of these additional costs now during pregnancy.  Not included in these is the cost of everyone’s time. My time off work to see the doctor. I’m not an hourly employee but missed work needs to be made up. My husband has been taking over the bulk of house work and taking care of our toddler. Time is important for everyone even if you can’t put a price on it. Here are four ways we have already seen measurable increased expenses.

  1. Medical bills

    For most doctor’s visits, the patient responsibility for my plan is 30%. It’s still a good insurance plan but I also have triple the doctor’s visits now so everything adds up. Also any medications the doctor prescribes.

  2. New car

    When we had our first son, we upgraded my sedan to an SUV and this was supposed to be the family car for a family of 4. Now we will be a family of 5 so we bought an 8 seater minivan. This of course costs more than what we originally planned.

  3. Food

    This is our choice in some way. I had more energy to cook in my last pregnancy and I was still eating at home during much of it. I also had time and energy to freelance as a food reviewer and many of my meals out were subsidized. This time around, I can’t stand in the kitchen that long before back pain sets in so I’ve mostly been buying food for lunch at work instead of making it at home. Dinner at home is usually whatever can be cobbled together.

  4. The conveniences

    This category includes anything I’ve bought to help myself feel more comfortable throughout the pregnancy. *the links in the picture are affiliate links*

    This huge U-shaped body pillow helps me sleep better at night. I highly recommend this one from Leachco. I used the Boppy in my last pregnancy and this is much better. Takes up half the bed, your husband will hate it, but it’s a lifesaver, especially for very large bellies. It can also be used as a breast feeding pillow later. I put the bottom of the U against the wall and sit against it for a comfortable TV watching position.

    This belly support band from Gabrialla to ease my back pain. Buy a size or two up. It’s uncomfortable to sit with but it does help when you’re standing and walking.

    Earth Mama Body Butter for stretch marks (which doesn’t work but it’s good to moisturize). I’ve used this same lotion throughout my last pregnancy and all through this pregnancy so far. I like it because it is thin enough to spread and absorbs quickly.

And also the maternity clothes I’ve bought as my bump grows. I’ll write a whole post on maternity wear later.

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