Parenting – Update on Baby Skincare Products for Eczema

About two years ago, I made a Youtube video showing my favorite skincare products for baby eczema. We tried so many products at the time and now we’ve narrowed it down to the most effective ones. Colin’s triggers are still heat, dry skin in the winter, and irritation from food when he eats. We were referred to an allergist and decided not to use the referral yet because at the time, we were not diligent with his lotion routine. When we moisturize regularly and use the treatments to minimize his flare ups, its manageable. We’ll consider getting allergy tests done if his condition gets worse despite a regular lotion routine.Β *links and pictures are affiliate links*

Aquaphor Ointment
Every mom needs to have a jar of this in their house when they have young children. Our 14 oz jar is only halfway used and we still use it daily on my son’s face. It’s a good go-to lotion for all types of issues, not just eczema. The only drawback is that it’s greasy.

Aveeno Eczema Creme
So far, this is the most effective daily prevention for eczema flareups that we’ve used. It has to be the creme and not a lotion, which we’ve tried before. We apply this 2-3 times a day and his skin is generally smooth. If there is a flare up in hot weather, it takes a full day of application to control the flare up. Best used for maintenance and prevention.

Hydrocortisone Cream
In case of a mild flare up, nothing beats hydrocortisone. It’s not meant to be used daily though. We use it for a few days or a week until the redness goes down. This is in conjunction with daily Aveeno moisturizer. Once it’s controlled, we go back to just Aveeno. Our doctor also prescribed a stronger 2% hydrocortisone which is only used for very bad cases.

We actually get this bulk pack from Costco, even though this is an Amazon link.


Weleda Diaper Rash Cream
He still gets the occasional diaper rash and I’m still working my way through this very effective all natural Weleda Diaper Rash Cream from Whole Foods. All the products above are not all-natural as I haven’t found one that was effective enough for his condition. But this diaper rash cream is actually effective.

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