Traveling – Carmel for Labor Day Weekend

We considered taking a babymoon during this pregnancy and decided against it because I would probably feel more uncomfortable on a plane and sleeping in a different bed at this stage than it would be to stay at home. This past Labor Day weekend offered an opportunity to do a short getaway to Carmel. It ended up being a family vacation. We drove there on Sunday morning and drove back home on Monday morning. It was enough time to enjoy a nice lunch at Sur at the Barnyard, a quick trip to the beach, a dip in the pool at our place in Hyatt Carmel Highlands Inn, dinner at Aabha Indian Cuisine, and coffee the next morning at Lafayette French Bakery. On the way home, we stopped by the Gilroy Outlets where I made probably the last of my maternity clothing purchases for this pregnancy. I picked up an autumn haul at Motherhood Maternity which should get me through til delivery. Here are some highlights from our short and relaxing trip.

Big shout out to the new Adobe Elements 15 bundle I just purchased on sale at Amazon. It’s a beginner friendly package of Premiere (for video editing) and Photoshop. I let my Adobe Creative Cloud expire without renewal and have been hesitant about buying it since I only used 2 programs, Lightroom and Premiere. Now with this bundle, I have only what I need and no excess and it’s on sale for $65 instead of the usual $89.99. All media in this post was edited with these programs.

Photos and Video were edited with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop Elements 15, on sale as a bundle on Amazon for $64.79 right now. It’s a steal!

Crab cake salad at Sur at the Barnyard
Toddler feeding Daddy some french fries off his chicken tenders meal
Dinner later that night at Aabha Indian Cuisine. Lamb shank in a tomatoey braise
Yummy almond croissant and a hazelnut latte at Lafayette French Bakery

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