Wearing This – I Have a Pineapple Dress

The pineapple pen song was stuck in my head for a week after it first went viral online. A song hadn’t been so annoyingly catchy to me since TI – “Whatever you like.” I forgot about the pineapple pen song for a while until I got this dress, which has pineapples on it. And then it was like a whole new song!

I hab a dress, I hab a pineapple. Pineapple dress.

The dress is a two piece that is sold separately which is great for pear shaped bodies like mine. It also makes it possible to buy only the top or only the skirt if that’s what you want. I like them both together. I wear the skirt higher up to get past my child bearing (child bore?) hips which makes the midriff not show as much. For a taller and slimmer person, this will show the right amount of midriff. The top has boning to structure the breast cups and it can be a bit bunchy on the sides which you can’t tell in these pictures. The earrings are oldie but goodies and the makeup/nails are from Whole Foods Beauty Brunch event.

On a side note, I’m getting tired of my hair. I really like how it looks in these photos but I miss basic black.

Photos by K. Tran

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