Parenting – Halloween 2017

I can’t believe this is the third Halloween season we’re enjoying with our little one. Here’s a recap of our family and kid’s costumes over the last two years and a reveal of this year’s costumes. Phil likes to surprise Colin with his costume and the first impression usually doesn’t go well. We actually caught it on video this year.

In 2015, Colin was only 5 months old at the time and we were still very busy so the costumes were quickly put together. A referee, a cheerleader, and a football.

In 2016, Phil bought the very popular inflatable dinosaur costume from Amazon and here is Colin’s first impression of it.

We found a matching dinosaur costume for Colin at Goodwill although it was too small so I had to cut off the pants and make knee high socks.

He actually had two costumes last year because we couldn’t resist this monkey suit from Goodwill that was in good condition.

Before I reveal what Colin and Phil’s costumes will be this year, here’s a quick video of Colin’s first reaction to Daddy’s costume.

That’s right, they will be Tigger and Pooh.



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