Pregnant – Managing Gestational Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month with World Diabetes Awareness Day on Nov 14. Having just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I thought I would detail how I’m managing the diagnosis. The following is not meant to be taken as medical advice, just a retelling of my own experience.

I didn’t get this condition during the first pregnancy but I am pretty familiar with it. My diagnosis came with about 7 weeks left of pregnancy. I met with a dietitian and we will first try to control my glucose levels through diet and only resort to medication if I can’t manage it. Pricking my finger is not as painful as I thought it would be and carrying around a test kit isn’t as inconvenient as I thought. A sample daily schedule is below.

This is actually the Accu-Chek monitorย , test strips, lancing device andย needlesย I have. Insurance covered most of the cost of these supplies and my clinic partners with a pharmacy that mails refills to my home automatically

  • 7:30AM wake up, test fasting glucose
  • 8:30AM eat breakfast. Usually sausage, spinach, and two eggs
  • 9:30AM test glucose
  • 10:30AM snack, an apple and almond butter
  • 12PM eat lunch. Protein with a salad or stir fried greens
  • 1PM test glucose
  • 3PM snack, usually nuts or a small bag of pretzels
  • 5PM snack, usually an apple or a yogurt
  • 6:30PM dinner, similar to lunch with a small portion of carbs
  • 7:30PM test glucose
  • 10PM sometimes snack if dinner wasn’t enough, usually it’s a smaller portion of leftover dinner
  • 11PM bed time

So far I’m showing a pattern of being within range up until lunch and being really out of range after dinner. I’m tired from the whole day and end up eating the biggest meal at dinner and I also don’t move as much after dinner because that’s when we are settling down for the night. Pregnancy hormones also peak at night time making me extra sensitive to glucose.

The sample meal plan and glucose range is meant for someone consuming 2000 calories a day. For my pregnancy, I need 2500 calories and to gain 1lb a week. After the first week of eating this way, I only gained 0.8lbs so my dietitian recommended that I hover the upper range after meals which is 135 or even go over by about 5 points. I’m carrying twins and it’s important to gain weight so she bumped my glucose range up. She also advised that if I ever score in the lower end of the range, 105 or less, that I can immediately snack on something.

Update on Pregnancy Products

  1. Bio Oil is highly recommended by a few bloggers I follow and is a high rated item on Amazon. I thought I would give it a try. It’s ok so far. Doesn’t prevent stretch marks but neither did any cream I ever used. I apply it twice a day and the bottle is depleting quickly. I will be switching back to Earth Mama Angel Baby lotion after this because I think it absorbed better.

  1. Glaxal Base Cream for sensitive skin was recommended to me by another blogger from Canada for eczema. We’re trying this for our son. So far it’s good and seems on par with Aveeno Eczema cream. Since it’s more expensive and seems equally effective, I’ll be switching back to Aveeno for cost.



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