Pregnant – My 5 Go-To Maternity Looks

Most people think maternity clothes are unnecessary and you can just find jersey maxi dresses or live in baggy shirts and yoga pants. I think differently for this pregnancy. At 6 months, my bump is already as big as a singleton pregnancy at 9 months. The full belly band on some of my pants are starting to feel snug. Yet my short stubby legs haven’t changed sizes so I can’t buy a size up. I have an office job with many external facing meetings and I cannot come in jersey maxi dresses every day. It’s too casual to wear for executive meetings. During this pregnancy, I do need at least a week’s worth of professional maternity wear to get through the work week. Here are some of my staple items, including mostly blue things by coincidence. In my shopping, I was avoiding form fitting, ruched dresses because the postpartum belly is not very attractive and I want dresses I can use after the pregnancy.

This summery non-maternity handkerchief dress from Nordstrom that I’ve been wearing all summer long since postpartum of my last pregnancy.

This black bathing suit from Motherhood Maternity that I originally bought to swim during my first pregnancy, not realizing I was biggest during the winter. Then I wore it all postpartum long and now to swim throughout this entire pregnancy.

This sweater and trousers combo and variations of it in different colors for work.

This dress on clearance from Pink Blush

This curvy blue dress from Asos Maternity

These overall shorts from Asos Maternity that I wear most weekends during the summer.

You can shop more of my looks in this Shopstyle Widget.

I also wanted to update my useful products list from Increased Spending post because I’ve discovered another useful product, kinesiology tape. Athletes typically use kinesio tape for recovery from injuries. I gave it a try to help support the weight of my belly and lighten the load on my hips and thighs. It actually works very well and can be worn underneath clothing at work. It’s not a miracle by any means. Walking too much can still put strain on my back. But it definitely makes the work day more bearable. Wearing the tape for 8 hours a day can cause skin irritation and peeling it too fast can cause blisters. I wear it every other day or only on days with lots of meetings and walking between buildings.

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