Eating – The Star by Little Star Pizza now available from DoorDash

Busy Silicon Valley moms probably share the same struggle of mustering up energy to cook at the end of a work day. For us, this tends to be Fridays. It’s one thing to scrounge together the same meal each dinner and pack it for lunch the next day during a work week. But when the first weekend night comes, it’s the perfect time to order in or dine out. Last weekend we enjoyed a pizza delivery through DoorDash from The Star, a pizza kitchen in San Jose. The Star is an expansion of Little Star Pizza, a popular deep dish pizza spot in San Francisco. The Star is a delivery-only commissary kitchen located on Tully Road to bring their awesome menu to the South Bay. I think it’s a very economical concept to open a kitchen specific for delivery, especially in the pizza category which is often enjoyed conveniently at home anyway.

Check out what we ordered below.Β *I received credit from DoorDash for the purchase of the pizzas. Opinions in this post are my own.*


($22) All Star Small Deep Dish

Bacon, meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella

($29) Large Thin Crust Italian Combo

Pepperoni, salami, green bell pepper, onions, black olives, pepperoncini

We were split 50/50 on preference between the deep dish and the thin crust. I typically don’t prefer deep dish but I did enjoy the toppings on the All Star. Phil preferred the toppings of the Italian combo better. This order ended up lasting us 3 meals and was even tastier the next day for those of us who enjoy cold pizza (there’s a cult following). You can also build your own of each type of pizza. Delivery is free for orders over $35. Check out The Star’s menu on DoorDash.

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