Pregnant – 32 Weeks with Twins Update

To summarize the last several weeks, I’d say heavy, Halloween, and haircut accurately sums it up. Sweater weather is upon us and I can finally use the two maternity sweaters and fleece lined leggings I was hoping to wear for a few weeks before delivery. The bump has gotten ridiculously dense and bigger by the week. I’m sure the twins are just packing on fat right now and I feel it. I’m 32 weeks along. I’m working until week 34 and trying to squeeze in all my meetings in person and transition my projects. We’re similarly trying to clean up as much of the clutter in our house as possible. I don’t think I could get more last minute than this. In contrast, when I had our first, I took off 2 weeks before due date, he was late by 1 week. Everything was ready and I pretty much twiddled my thumbs the whole time, spending my days napping on and off.

I was too heavy and uncomfortable to dress up this year. We did go to a small pumpkin patch with a children’s obstacle course the day before Halloween. Then the boys got dressed up to go to an annual Halloween party thrown by Phil’s former coworker and Colin took home this candy haul! Then he insisted on taking his candy bucket to grandma’s house the next day after which she returned the bucket to us with bananas inside. The ole grandma switcheroo.

Here’s a quick video of some happenings these weeks, including the time I couldn’t handle walking the aisles of Target and had to use the electric shopping cart that disabled people use. LOL, it’s come to this…

Also, my haircut though! It’s nice to finally take off the bulk and colored parts. Going back to black at a manageable length. My usual stylist, Mark Alan Hair, is moving to NYC soon to pursue his high fashion dreams. Congrats to him for moving up in his career. His clientele here will surely miss him.

ย Managing my gestational diabetes has been going well. Here’s an example of a fast food meal that was actually good for my glucose scores. It’s the Baja Burger from Smashburger ordered without the bun and with a side of the veggie fries. It’s fast food so it’s still oily but the carb content was very low and I got a good glucose score after this meal.

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