Life with Twins – 2 Month Update and January Favorite Products

The second month has been mellow and enjoyable. Phil went back to work and I’ve been on solo twin duty while Colin goes off to grandma’s for the day. I’m starting to get cabin fever being stuck on newborn schedule even though I take the girls out at least once a day for a walk or an errand. I’m becoming like one of those people who gets too chatty with cashiers and bank tellers because they haven’t had human interaction all day. On rainy days, we take walks at the mall where the other day I witnessed the miracle of there being no line at Din Tai Fung. It turns out there is still a 40 minute wait for a party of one with double stroller. I came, I ate, I over paid. Also this month, YouTube decided to raise the threshold for monetization so small channels with less than 1000 subscribers and less than 4000 HOURS of watch time per year won’t get monetized at all. Creators still need to follow music licensing policy and will lose access to certain things in the creator studio. This makes me very unmotivated to work on videos. Lastly, my coffee consumption is now a daily habit rather than once in a while. You know you’re an adult when you buy your own coffee and brew it at home.

Enough about me, let’s move on to the twins’ update for the month.


Both twins have become efficient at nursing. They latch quickly and finish within 10-15 minutes. I still supplement with bottled formula or breast milk and then pump after they’re all settled in. With this set up, I get 3 hour stretches during the day and 5-6 hour stretches at night. If I wanted to eventually feed them full breast milk then I should cut out the bottle feeding and just nurse them on demand. But I’m not going to sign myself up for more work.

Our pediatrician signed us up for Similac Strong Moms and they shipped us two cases of 6 quart sized bottles of Neosure 22 formula. The program is not just for moms of multiples.

On Facebook, I mentioned that my Medela pump lost suction so I’m back to using my old Spectra S2. I updated my old post on pumping to reflect my current usage. The Spectra was good for about 2 weeks before it lost suction too. Or maybe its not suction because neither of my pumps seem to be pulling any milk. I’m not sure what’s going on but Medela is sending me another Pump In Style Advance because it was under warranty. I also went down one size for the flange, replaced the membranes in my collection kits, and increase the suction. None of these seem to be long term solutions and they only help achieve one let down vs no milk.

To prepare for going back to work, I just bought the Spectra 9 Plus, a portable pump with battery and plug in options. By next month, I should have some more opinions on this pump.


During the day, the twins sleep 3 hours between feedings. At night, we get two stretches of anything from 5-7 hours starting from 9 or 10pm, which means they still wake up once in the early morning. It’s not bad but I’m still struggling because they wake up at a different time each night and my body can’t adjust to the randomness. On bad nights, we still get 3-4 hour stretches. Sometimes big brother wakes up somewhere in between the twins waking up and that’s a tiring night.


This month has been all about tummy time. Neck strength is getting a little stronger each week. They are also starting to track the movement of faces and lights. And then of course the smiles and making little coos.

Each little lady is a chubby 8lbs and growing.


Colin is doing a little better with his sleep regression. He mostly sleeps through the night again although he still puts up a fight sometimes at bedtime. He is getting used to the crying coming from our room and understanding that mommy and daddy need to feed sisters rather than thinking that everyone is having a party while he sleeps. He can climb out of his bed now and he wakes up at 7am so that’s our natural alarm in the morning. He’s very curious and caring about his sisters and likes to pet them on the head or hold their hands and feet and say “ooh little hands.” It’s a fine line between him being cute with his sisters and doing something unintentionally harmful.


I am 4lbs from pre-pregnancy weight and I’ve lost about as much weight as I can lose from breastfeeding and light exercise, now I have to hit the gym to tone up and get to my goal weight. I’ll take my time with all of that. Now I’m more concerned with finding clothes for when I go back to work. I was wearing maternity clothes which don’t look very flattering once everything is deflated and flabby. Pants tend to be a big challenge.

This month’s latest postpartum product is the derma roller. It’s a roller with small needles on it that I roll across my entire belly and then put lotion on it. There’s supposed to be a special oil to use with it but I haven’t bought it yet so right now I’m using the same Palmer’s Firming Lotion from last month. Using the derma roller is supposed to be very effective for removing stretchmarks and improving the elasticity and texture of skin. I can’t wait to see the results.

I’ve been taking regular walks with the double stroller this month and it has been chilly so I bought these super adorable carseat covers that can also be nursing covers. I haven’t actually needed to nurse in public yet and I prefer not to because nursing twins is acrobatics even with the Brest Friend pillow. I chose the grey and pink pattterns in a nice stretchy fabric that would also be good as a sun cover in other seasons.

The Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Double Stroller has proven to be very convenient. Once we figured how to easily secure the top seat, it has been very manageable and lightweight for me to use by myself. I’ve been taking the girls everywhere with me and handling the loading and unloading of the stroller on my own.


As much as I want to lug the DSLR around to practice taking photos of all the kids, it is just too bulky. Even though I stopped vlogging, I still carry my Sony around with me most places. It’s been capturing all the baby moments.

Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera (Black)

sample photo using the Sony camera – ham and cheese croissant from Sue’s Gallery Cafe in Saratoga


We’ve also been using these Burt’s Bee’s burp clothes all the time. The twins spit up so much and they are very messy to feed. I have about 15-20 of these from when Colin was born and they’ve held up nicely through weekly washings.

Johnson and Johnson’s baby wash – there’s something about this brand that I’ve always avoided. Maybe because I’m a snob who wanted high end things like Honest Company shampoo but can only afford Aveeno (which isn’t that much cheaper). Johnsonx2 just felt so commonplace. The hospital gave us a ton of this baby wash and I have to admit I really like it. The twins smell very nice on bath days. Maybe we can switch to this if none of the kids have bad eczema issues in the future.

We’ve been dressing the girls in these fleece pajamas and other baby products this winter.

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