Vlogmas 2017 – Documenting Our Daily Lives for 26 Days

Daily video blogging has become a lucrative career for some online influencers. It is a way to get more views to a channel and more opportunities to promote sponsored products. Have you heard about Ryan ToysReview, the 6 year old who makes 11 million a year just playing with his toys on YouTube? My son watches his videos. I regularly follow a few vloggers who were able to quit their day jobs and be full time YouTube vloggers. In theory, it sounded nice to make millions by just filming your daily life. So when we got a new camera, I wanted to try my hand at vlogging daily.

With the delivery of the twins and my maternity leave, I thought it would be a good time to practice my filming and editing skills by participating in Vlogmas. Vlogmas is a time when video bloggers post a video a day from Dec 1 through Christmas. I didn’t post a video every day but I did do 18 videos for the month. Here’s what I learned about trying to vlog semi-regularly.

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the playlist of all Vlogmas episodes.

  1. Daily lives are not that interesting. I skipped filming on a few mundane days and scraped the barrel finding something to post on other days.

  2. Speaking into a camera as if it’s the audience is very awkward, especially in public.

  3. Finding interesting angles requires creativity, a tripod, and trusting your camera on a shelf or stationary place, sometimes in a public space.

  4. No one wants to see me lounging around my messy house in a robe. Yeah, I’m not putting on makeup and a nice outfit just to talk into a camera in my dimly lit home.

Vlogmas was a fun experiment for the month. It forced me to document many of our family moments and now I have clips of my children to refer to later. I didn’t make millions out of posting a video a day, barely a few cents with my piddly views and any attempt to drive more traffic to the videos felt like I was selling my family moments (which is actually what it was). I’ll continue making monthly videos because that part is actually fun for me to watch and share the highlights of the month and especially each milestone the twins reach.

This is the camera I vlog with and I think it takes good pictures too. *affiliate link*

Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera (Black)

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