Pasta Armellino and Plumed Horse Chocolaterie by Plumed Horse Collection

Owners of Michelin Starred Plumed Horse have opened a fine casual restaurant in Saratoga serving high quality affordable pasta dishes. Pasta Armellino is located across the street from Plumed Horse. After 10 years of excellence at Plumed Horse, Chef Peter Armellino is broadening his culinary reach into the fine casual segment and into a pasta forward menu. The recently renovated 2,500 square foot space occupies the former location of East Coast Alice, a pasta restaurant I had previously reviewed for in 2015. This is my first time coming back into this space in almost 3 years and the two restaurants are worlds apart. Armellino looks bright and spacious with a white tile backsplash and street art on the dining room wall where there were once dimly lit sconces. East Coast Alice’s cozy New England winter vibe has been replaced by a chic modern look. A portion of the original wood from the building’s past life as a back barn is preserved above the kitchen. I was recently invited to join in the three course event to introduce Pasta Armellino and Plumed Horse Chocolaterie, the latest additions to the Plumed Horse Collection of businesses.

Former Mayor of Saratoga and current Council Member, Emily Lo

The evening started with champagne and caviar at Michelin Starred Plumed Horse. This is where I struck up conversation with Saratoga’s former Mayor and current Council Member, Emily Lo. We then moved across the street to sample pasta, soup, and salad from Pasta Armellino. If these samples are any indication of the restaurant’s menu, it seems very promising and I look forward to returning for a full meal.

Sample of ravioli
Sample of gnocchi with shaved black truffles

sample spicy rigatoni with arugula

After pasta, we moved next door to see the Plumed Horse Chocolaterie, sample some port wine, and tour the back kitchen of the store. Plumed Horse Chocolaterie, which opened in December, was created to produce the finest chocolates in the world and support the award-winning dessert offerings at Plumed Horse. Each jewel-inspired creation is concepted and handmade by Angelica, a classically trained Chocolatier. She was inspired by the work of former Plumed Horse in-house French Chocolatier, Mark Dumas, who created beautiful chocolates for the restaurant. Earlier this year, Angelica was tapped to open and operate their latest venture located directly across the street from Plumed Horse. Since its opening, the shop has sold out of its exclusive, hand-made 200-piece assortment of chocolates each day.

The beverage program is being run by Plumed Horse Sommelier Jeffrey Perisho and will feature a variety of wines from Italy and the United States including the newly released Plumed Horse Collection wines. The beer selection will vary, and a unique non-alcoholic beverage list will also be offered. Plumed Horse Collection has been working with several winemakers to introduce an exclusive line of wines.

Plumed Horse Chocolaterie is already open and Pasta Armellino opened on February 5, 2018.

Photos by Rick Camargo Photography

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