Starbird Chicken Opens in San Jose on Brokaw

In 2016, I wrote about a new fast casual restaurant in Sunnyvale serving some stellar fried chicken which our family liked better than Chick-fil-A. Starbird Chicken is now open in San Jose on Brokaw. We have actually been back to Starbird in Sunnyvale a few times and this is our first time at the San Jose location. Thanks for Starbird’s PR team, we were able to try some things we hadn’t tried before and Colin got to enjoy some delicious fries and giant chicken tenders for a kids meal.

Spicy Sriracha Buffalo Sandwich ($7.87) – this was quite tasty with the sriracha buffalo sauce served on the side, not pictured here. The fresh bread really makes the difference. Not as spicy as expected.

Banh mi ($7.87) – This was surprisingly good. I’m on a banh mi spree right now even though I never expect any American attempt at banh mi to be any good. This one was very good in its own way. The seasoning in the chicken breading and the crunch of pickled veggies adds that banh mi affect but it’s really the Chinese five spice in the sauce that ties it together. Sandwiched between the aforementioned fresh bread and you have yourself all the qualities of a good Asian banh mi.

Starbird Ice Cream Sandwich ($3.75) – We rounded our lunch out with a delicious sweet treat.

See below the photos of our whole spread including the generously sized kids’ meal of fries and chicken tenders and our order of two tacos and lemonade. I love that the Brokaw location has a small grassy patch and a spacious patio. We could let our son roam around without bothering other diners and he was always within our sight and of course our monstrous double stroller was not in anyone’s way. I never hopped on the Chick-fil-A bandwagon because every time I ate there, regardless of location, it was always too salty and greasy. I’m very pleased that Starbird’s chicken isn’t like this after the many meals we’ve had.

1088 E Brokaw Rd
San Jose, CA 95131
Monday-Saturday 10:30am-10pm,โ€ˆSundayโ€ˆ10:30am-9pm
Phone: 408.451.9052

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