Wearing This – Athleisure, Fitbit, and Nike

You guys, I don’t quite understand the concept of athleisure. It’s athletic but also leisure wear. Isn’t that just a lazy Sunday morning outfit? Well here I am taking a stab at the concept. Literally being athletic and then sitting leisurely while wearing the same outfit. Actually, I dress like this whenever I’m outside of […]

Attending This – Whole Foods Beauty Brunch

In the past few years, I’ve been introduced to some excellent all natural beauty products through Whole Foods’ annual beauty event. In 2014, I was introduced to Zoya nail polish which was ok to use during pregnancy. At the Make Up Break Up event in 2015, I got Juice Beauty lip gloss which I still […]

Wearing This – Playground Fashion

The other day, I put a sweatshirt on my son and he yelled his disapproval. Then I changed him into a hoodie and he smiled happily. So I guess we’re heading into an age of making our own choices now…at least I get to reflect on these playground outfits I put him in.  The playground […]

Wearing This – Young Professional and Unemployed

Look at this young professional sitting on a bench. She looks cool and important but in reality she is unemployed. Recently, I experienced my first lay off and it sucked. Interviewing for jobs while not having one in hand and fighting the hordes of competition in the Silicon Valley was mentally draining. I kept busy […]

Wearing This – Coffee Shop Style

I like to think of myself as a writer and that I have important things to create when I tell my husband he’s on Daddy duty for a few hours because I need to “focus” at a coffee shop. In reality, I just like the idea of being productive outside the home but not working […]

Wearing This – Leather and Denim and Rosewood

The Rosewood Sandhill Hotel is such a dream. It’s beautiful and luxurious in a style that really appeals to me. Modern artwork on the walls. High end retailers in the halls. Sprawling grounds in a quiet neighborhood. In 2016, I was invited to a special Taste of Japan dinner at this hotel. The experience solidified […]

Wearing This – Writer, Teacher, Secretary Outfit

Going from food blogging to lifestyle blogging is harder than it seems. I’m so used to being behind the camera. The opportunity to photograph food always presents itself. We all need to eat everyday, right? But do we all need to dress like we give an F? No. So to put on makeup and a […]

The Blogger Exchange Spring Tea Party

Reichel (CopyCatChic) and Jessica (HejDoll) are two lovely ladies from some of my blogger groups. They hosted the daintiest, prettiest, afternoon tea party the other weekend attending by local bloggers including myself. The party was sponsored by some very cool brands from decor to food to favors and the ladies did their finest job in […]

Warriors vs. Blazers and a Trip to the Nike Employee Store – Portland, Oregon

Last month, my husband Phil flew to Portland with his friends for a weekend trip. I asked him to take some photos and do a few guest posts for me. Here’s the first.— With a family hookup at the Nike store in Portland, I was able to visit the Nike Employee Store and everything I […]

Whole Foods Natural Glow Makeup & Pampering Event – Los Altos

One of my favorite events to cover each year is Whole Foods’ annual beauty sale. The 2014 and 2015 events in Campbell were such fun experiences. I was already very excited for this year’s event when they mailed me these baby and skin care samples. There are still two more events this weekend so make […]