Blue Apron Free Trial

In popular opinion, it seems that Blue Apron is leading the pack in the home food delivery business. They are widely known and have the cheapest price per meal. I decided to give their services a try with the free trial. No one is paying me or giving me anything free for this post. The […]

Caviar – Food Delivery Service – Silicon Valley

Everything I know and love about my favorite South Bay burger spot, Konjoe Burger, was just delivered right to my doorstep thanks to Caviar. Caviar is a service that allows you to order from your favorite local restaurants, pay through their platform, and receive deliveries right to your door. Through the app, you can track […]

Primizie Thick Cut Crispbreads

An interesting new snack food came to my attention recently. Primizie Crispbreads sent me samples of their Gouda and Garlic flavored chips (technically it’s bread). Primizie is run by a husband and wife team from Texas who previously owned a catering company.   I was really pleasantly surprised with the balanced flavor in these chips. […]

Pregnancy Eats

Nine months of pregnancy has got me eating the following things which I haven’t really posted anywhere on social media so I thought I’d summarize them here. These were not all cravings, they’re just things I ate. Notice the increase in sweets especially given that I never had a sweet tooth before. Pastries are probably […]

Mavericks Brewing – Half Moon Bay

Photo Credit: Becky Ruppel Photo Credit: From Mavericks Press Mavericks Brewing is a new brewery launching canned beers out of the Half Moon Bay area. The company is named after the legendary surfing competition in Half Moon Bay, which explains their choice in canned vs bottle. They aimed to provide beers that one could bring […]

Whole Foods Diestel Natural Light/Dark Meat Boneless Turkey

With the holidays approaching, my food samples this quarter courtesy of Whole Foods included the Diestel Natural Light and Dark Meat Boneless Turkey. The roasts vary in weight but I would say mine was about 5-7 lbs. They retail for $34.99 at Whole Foods stores. The Diestel turkey is gluten free, hormone and antibiotic free, […]

Whole Foods Product Samples for the Summer

Summer is almost over so you better go to Whole Foods now to try some of these new products. Whole Foods Campbell gave me another package of goodies to try and these were unbelievably fresh. In the package were a bag of rainier cherries, dark red cherries, Seka Hills Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar, and a healthy […]

Business Spotlight – Brad’s Bistro

Brad Kunkel is a personal chef who created Brad’s Bistro, a weekly meal delivery service based in San Jose. Brad’s meals focus on health and wellness, with portion sizes catered towards weight loss and ingredients that are diabetic friendly. He can make slight changes for gluten free meals as well. Brad’s Bistro is based in […]

New Products Available at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has new products in store and gave me a sample of them to try. I picked up a container of sweet seasonal strawberries, three of their fresh squeezed juices, three bags of sprouting seeds, and a sprouting jar lid to sprout the seeds.   Fresh, juicy, strawberries for the summer. You can’t go […]

Baking Buddies – Reusable Silicone Baking Cups

The New York Baking Company contacted me with an offer to test their silicone baking cups. Now, I never bake because I’m bad at it, it makes a big mess, and I don’t enjoy really enjoy eating pastries. But the only thing I will bake if I ever do, is Amish Friendship Bread. The fact […]