My Redesigned Blog by Clear the Way Kate

The blog has been long overdue for a makeover. With the upcoming release of an exciting new project with IKEA East Palo Alto for my YouTube channel, it was a great opportunity to finally spruce up this bad boy. So here you go. Header: I wanted to keep it minimal. Color Scheme: My favorite color […]

DIY Halloween Costume 2012

ย I have really gotten into the spirit of Halloween within the last 5 years. It was hard to really get into it when your mom handed down the same clown jump suit for all 3 kids each year, depending on who fit it that year. We took our turns as either a clown, or a […]

Wedding Recap – The Details

This is the last post before we go on our honeymoon in Thailand! I will be documenting my trip for sure, but my laptop is slow so I won’t be blogging. Check my twitter and facebook pages for updates from my trip. See you all after the break! — Here is the last of the […]

Making a Giraffe Halloween Costume from Thrift Store Shirt

I was never really into Halloween until I started working for “The Company”. Now, Halloween at work is a smashing good time every year. It’s also a time for me to exercise my creative prowess. It’s wasteful to spend so much on a costume which is cheaply made and mass produced and you can only […]