Wearing This – Athleisure, Fitbit, and Nike

You guys, I don’t quite understand the concept of athleisure. It’s athletic but also leisure wear. Isn’t that just a lazy Sunday morning outfit? Well here I am taking a stab at the concept. Literally being athletic and then sitting leisurely while wearing the same outfit. Actually, I dress like this whenever I’m outside of […]

CorePower Yoga (Golden Triangle) – San Jose

There’s a new CorePower Yoga studio coming to San Jose. Grand opening is tentatively scheduled for June 3. Press Release below.— (Denver, CO) May 5, 2016 – America’s leading yoga brand CorePower Yoga is pleased to announce a new studio opening in North San Jose, located at 55 River Oaks Place, Suite #10. CorePower Yoga roots […]

Mom’s Fit and Well Event at Sunnyvale Sports Basement

In 2010, I wrote a post sharing my tips for exercising and weight loss and it is still one of the top performing posts of this blog. Check it here. In the years since then, I lost more weight and got more toned by running half marathons, lifting weights, and going to the gym 7 […]

GM Titanium with UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez

Last week, my husband and I attended an event hosted by GM Titanium Cognac, a new spirit by Grand Marnier. Their spokesperson is two time UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez. The event was held at Cain’s home gym, American Kickboxing Academy in South San Jose. I thought it would be best to let my husband […]

My Husband’s Journey to a New Body

My husband, Phil, asked me to write this post to share his weight loss journey over the past 3 years. Basically while I was getting an MBA degree, he was losing 40 lbs and developing a healthier lifestyle. Please note that this post is about his journey but it’s written through my observations. Since I’m […]

Sacramento – Ten22

When I was an undergraduate at UC Davis, I did a few internships and held a part time job in downtown Sacramento. I was an English major and one of my gigs was a journalism internship supervised by a Communications Director who now works in San Jose. So there you go, I studied English and […]

Vegetarian Week

This past week, from Monday to Sunday, Phil and I tried eating vegetarian for the entire week. To get you started, here is an infographic explaining some quick facts about vegetarianism. The data is from 2011 and is created by Retail Me Not to get you to use their coupons so it may be biased. I […]

Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancer

  A typical school-free weekend consists of running on Saturday morning and playing tennis on Sunday morning. I am trying to reach the half marathon mark again even though I am not officially training for any race. The other week I ran 10 miles and I was super dehydrated. It wastes time to take a […]

Alzheimers Walk – Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant – San Francisco

    Phil and I did the 5K Alzheimers walk this weekend in San Francisco. The cause color is purple so I tried my best to match. I was told there were so many more people this year than last year. This is Okami. He is huge. When he stands up, he’s taller than me. […]

Portion Control Diet Results

Start weight:  Phil: 167.7lbs Ngoc: 97.7lbs   End weight: Phil: 163.7 lbs Ngoc: 97.3 lbs Remember the start of our month long portion control diet? We extended it by 1 week because we didn’t have time to take the end pictures and write the recap. That one week did not seem to help much. These […]