Balsam Hill Treelot 2016 – Burlingame

The Balsam Hill annual Treelot event is one of my favorite holiday events to attend. At their Burlingame show room, rows of trees are displayed and walls are covered in wreaths, garlands, and ornaments. Last year’s event was a spectacular evening and this year had much of the same wonderful spirit. The marvelous wine, cheese, […]

Balsam Hill Tree Lot Christmas Event 2015 – Burlingame

This year is a year of brand new things for the blog as I begin to branch out to topics other than food. Among those things is how I gear up for my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas. I recently attended an exclusive blogger event by Balsam Hill Tree Lot in Burlingame for the […]

Cherimoya – Burlingame

Β We noticed the Quickly’s in downtown Burlingame had closed and was replaced by a Vietnamese cafe. Always on the lookout to support my people and satisfy my milk tea cravings, I had to give Cherimoya a chance. Cherimoya is the name of this fruit. It looks and tastes similar to a soursop but to some […]

Zambra Tapas – Burlingame

I am having a hard time writing this entry for Zambra Tapas because I can’t remember the food names or my opinions on them, and that in itself is my review of Zambra, just another place I won’t remember. Well here are some basics to begin with: Zambra Tapas in Burlingame with Philsky and VS […]

Shabu House – Burlingame

Happy belated birthday to VS and thanks to her, I got to try Shabu House in Burlingame, Japanese beef fondue. We had soup options of Spicy Miso, Ginger Chicken Broth, and Traditional Water (is that like regular water?). Pictured above is the spicy miso soup with a ponzu soy sauce to the left and a […]