Real Good Fish – Community Supported Fishery

Our family doesn’t eat seafood often mainly because I don’t know how to cook fish that well. But calamari, THAT I can do! Thanks to a local business, Real Good Fish, we were able to try sustainable calamari last week. Real Good Fish makes weekly deliveries of seafood from 25 different fisherman who catch from […]

Virtual Tour of our penthouse rental in Rio de Janeiro

*I tried to remove the shaking but this video may still give you a headache. We rented this very nice penthouse in Rio de Janeiro for 4 days. On one of the days we gave our housekeepers some money to buy food and cook a nice home style Brazilian BBQ for our pool party. Check […]

Che Bap and Moms in the kitchen

Despite what the title says, there will be no pictures of moms in kitchens, but I do want to talk about moms and their expressions of love and care through food. This week, I’ve had 3 different foods that remind me of 3 different mothers I know and it inspired me to write this post. […]