Santouka Ramen in Mitsuwa Market – Costa Mesa

For our last meal in SoCal, I yelped the highest rated Japanese restaurant near our hotel and came across Santouka Ramen. Without reading any reviews, I decided we should go here, only to find out that it was in the food court of Mitsuwa Market, a popular Japanese grocery store chain which can also be […]

Japanese Udon with Homemade Chicken Broth

 WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE IMAGE OF COOKED, WHOLE CHICKEN, PLEASE DO NOT LOOK FURTHER! . .  .  .  . . Poor fella… (image credit) Not too long ago he was this, now he’s  this… Remember when I said I wanted to make my own chicken broth one day. Well, I still haven’t. But […]

Yakisoba and Poke Salad Kit from Suruki Supermarket – San Mateo

My posting schedule used to be two entries a week but lately due to time and budget constraints, it’s been a struggle to do just one entry a week. But have no fear, the blog is not ending. I’m working on it. This weekend’s adventures in cooking included a trip (not literally) to Japan with […]