DoorDash is Delivering from The Bywater

Earlier this year, I was very impressed with the fried chicken from The Bywater in Los Gatos when I had a chance to review it for Metroactive. Last week, DoorDash gave me a chance to try The Bywater’s fried chicken which is a new offering for their service. The food and delivery were complimentary to […]

PintxoPote – formerly Donostia Pintxo – Los Gatos

I found this post I started writing and never finished. It has been left in draft for almost 2 years. Since I don’t remember the details, I hope at least description and price are useful to some out there. — Los Gatos has been my stomping ground lately. Oh wait, it’s so nice and peaceful […]

Sampling Manresa Bread in Los Gatos

If you’ve so much as peeked at the internet lately, you have probably learned that Manresa Bread recently opened a brick and mortar shop in Los Gatos. It is the result of hard work from partners David Kinch of two Michelin Star restaurant Manresa, and Andrew Burnham with head baker Avery Ruzicka, formerly of Per […]

Tapestry – Los Gatos

Some coworkers and I went to a lunch in Los Gatos at Tapestry and I want to say Tapestry is a hidden gem, but supposedly many others know about it and it was only hidden from me. =*( tear drops. I actually went with the same coworkers who took me to Wine Cellar last year, […]

Forbes Mill Steakhouse – Los Gatos

POW POW! You won’t even know fancy if it hit you in the face…and fancy just hit you in the face. We were treated to dinner at Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Los Gatos by the company. Too bad I had to blurr the name out in all its glory because the internet is a scary […]

Wine Cellar – Los Gatos

I know it’s unheard of but I was without camera at a meal. OMGEE. So I used my camera phone. Excuse the 2 megapixel quality. I went with some work people to Wine Cellar in Los Gatos for lunch before our holiday break. The decor of Wine Cellar has a very luxurious feel. It’s like […]