Attending This – Magical Bridge Playground

The Magical Bridge Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to build all access playgrounds for people of all abilities. Not only are their playgrounds wheel chair accessible for children and their parents who may have disabilities, the structures are also autism friendly and made of wood and non toxic paint where possible. The […]

CharMarron Peony Garden and Nola’s Iris Garden – San Jose

With some free time on a Saturday afternoon the other day, my friends and I decided to check out the peonies in bloom at CharMarron Peony Garden in the hills of San Jose. Yes, San Jose has hills. I don’t remember the names of every type of flower so here are some photos. Peonies have […]

New York 2010 – Sightseeing

New York has so much to offer besides just food and despite the misconception one person has about this blog being a purely foodie blog, I want to write about people, places, and things also. I’m not big on art and I didn’t visit any museums in New York but there were so many cool […]

New York 2010 – Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Finally, it’s the beginning of a series of entries you’ve all been waiting for, New York. [insert something about a concrete jungle where dreams are made of here]. I’m going to start with an entry that’s not about food. *gasp* Like the first immigrants to America, we started our journey at the Statue of Liberty […]

Mission City Coffee – Santa Clara

I went to Mission City Coffee the other week for some good old fashion networking. You know, the face to face kind, not the FACEtoBOOK kind. I was not planning on blogging about this place as I felt it was rude to be snapping pictures while I was there for non-social reasons. But I felt […]

San Jose Improve – Ari Shafir 2010

On a bored random Wednesday, I was fortunate that JB invited me to the Improv with her for a free showcase of comedians. No, Bobby Lee was not headlining that night, it was Ari Shafir. yep…that guy. I tried to find a youtube clip that did him some justice but umm he’s just not that […]

San Luis Obispo 2010 – Hearst Castle

I welcome you to the last stop of the SLO trip. Are you tired of SLO by now? Do you want to read about something else already? Well be thankful I’m bringing San Luis Obispo to the comfort of your own home, minus the hellish ride on Highway 1. NEVER, EVER, EVER take the 1 […]

San Luis Obispo 2010 – Wolff Vineyards – Central Coast Brewing

Two things I looked forward to most from this trip turned out to be disappointing, in taste at least. We went to Wolff Vineyards which is one of Yelp’s higher rated wineries in the area. Though the tasting and the picnic were enjoyable, the wines were not. Chyeah, Costco picnic with our wine. Cheapest and […]

Eating a Chocolate Covered Cricket – San Luis Obispo

When I last left you, we were walking around Pismo Beach, which turned out to be kind of a dud. The walking and picture taking was short lived and we moved up to browse the shops along the beach. And that’s when we found this little gem, HOTLIX. I like how the name could also […]

Sumo Sushi – San Luis Obispo

Excuse my short absence. I’ve been busy and also waiting for pictures from the SLO trip to trickle in. I know San Luis Obispo is not part of the Bay Area so maybe it shouldn’t go in this blog, but you’re gonna take what you can get and you’re gonna like it! The gang headed […]