Genji Ramen at Whole Foods Market – Santa Clara

Ramen’s popularity will never die. People just love this stuff. It was a very smart choice for Whole Foods at Santa Clara Square to carry Genji Ramen at their hot food bar. Genji usually offers sushi made from natural ingredients, sustainably raised and caught fish, and has vegan options too exclusively for Whole Foods Market. […]

Myzen Ramen – Sunnyvale

My fellow food reviewer at Metro News has once touted Myzen Ramen as a place where long lines aren’t required for tasty ramen ( That’s a rare find in the South Bay where our options are scant. Front runners include Orenchi Ramen, Kotetsu Ramen, and Santouka Ramen at the food court in Mitsuwa. I have eaten a lot of ramen in […]

Ramen Yokocho Fest – San Jose

Here’s a quick drive by post with some information, photos, and ramen from this weekend’s Ramen Yokocho Festival in San Jose. The festival is open until 9PM today and again from 11AM – 9PM tomorrow. Then next week it runs from Friday evening through Sunday. Click this link for more information:!san-jose-ramen-yokocho/cm2l Admission is $5 […]