Kula Revolving Sushi Bar – Cupertino

Poke box with rice, imitation crab, mayo, slices of assorted sashimi, and tobiko Getting in line for food seems to be a regular occurrence for me lately with my assignments to review GEN BBQ, Din Tai Fung, and The ByWater. Sometimes I do it of my own choosing though, like last week when I waited […]

Golden Garlic – San Jose

Chinese food restaurants in San Jose seem to be scattered even though we have plenty of ethnic enclaves in our city. There are a few densely populated plazas but none of the restaurants seem to stand out. When we are in the mood for Chinese, we really have to hunt for the hidden gems. A […]

Munchery – Home Delivery

In my previous reviews of Blue Apron, Caviar, and Dream Dinners, I mentioned that we need help making nutritious family meals on week nights. Yes, I’ve become one of those busy working moms who tries to do everything but can’t. The latest in this home delivery market I’m reviewing is Munchery. Thanks to Munchery for providing […]

Maui 2016 – Lunch at Mama’s Fish House and AirBnB in Haiku-Pauwela

Day 4 in Maui is somewhat chill. We switched to another AirBnB in Haiku-Pauwela. If we were stuck doing local things because we had a baby, we figured moving apartments would help us explore a new neighborhood. Before moving, we had lunch at a very popular restaurant called Mama’s Fish House. For a video version […]

Shut Up and Eat Sandwich Shop – Portland, Oregon

Phil’s second guest post from his trip to Portland, OR with his friends. — After hitting up the Nike shop, I was ready to eat.  Problem was that all the very popular brunch places in Portland had at least a hour wait.  When people are hungry, they ain’t gonna wait. I found this place called […]

Classic Guilin Rice Noodles – San Jose

Like most Asians, I love a good noodle dish, be it soupy, stir fried, or deep fried. A name like Classic Guilin Rice Noodles really piques my interest. As I would learn from the menu, Guilin is a part of China and this is their traditional dish. The restaurant is in a newer looking Asian […]

Noodle Talk – Sunnyvale

Cold rainy days warrant hot noodle soup. Better if that soup is also spicy AF! I was in the mood for noodle soup the other week and was tired of the usual pho and ramen. I could use a ramen break after my last review of Myzen. I was actually craving QQ Noodle which is […]

B*Star Bar – 2015 – San Francisco

B*Star Bar is worth writing about again. In early 2014, I had dinner here and it was an amazing place with amazing food. I still feel the same except this time I tried their brunch. Most things remained the same so I will just highlight the new dishes I tried.   ($13.50) Tuna Don is […]

Vitality Bowls + Giveaway – Cupertino

Superfoods are a trend I have no issues participating in as they are all healthy and good for the body. While Acai berries (ah-sai-ee) are no stranger to the superfood list, they are making a relatively new presence in the Bay Area. It is a highly perishable berry grown on a kind of palm tree in Brazil […]

Myzen Ramen – Sunnyvale

My fellow food reviewer at Metro News has once touted Myzen Ramen as a place where long lines aren’t required for tasty ramen (sanjose.com). That’s a rare find in the South Bay where our options are scant. Front runners include Orenchi Ramen, Kotetsu Ramen, and Santouka Ramen at the food court in Mitsuwa. I have eaten a lot of ramen in […]