Whole Foods Natural Glow Makeup & Pampering Event – Los Altos

One of my favorite events to cover each year is Whole Foods’ annual beauty sale. The 2014 and 2015 events in Campbell were such fun experiences. I was already very excited for this year’s event when they mailed me these baby and skin care samples. There are still two more events this weekend so make […]

Wakuriya – 2015 One Michelin Star Kaiseki Restaurant

  Wakuriya is a One Michelin Star restaurant in San Mateo serving a Japanese kaiseki menu which is a multi-course meal of small plates. The restaurant only seats 18 people at max  (I think) and even then they stagger the serving times so that diners come in two waves. The reservation process is strict. You call at […]

Cha Cha Cha Cuba Part 2 – San Mateo

I had the pleasure of eating at Cha Cha Cha Cuba again recently. Since you all know I love the food here, I shan’t waste my time with a review. Just enjoy more eye candy of great tapas with great friends.   mm a FEAST and 4 pitchers of sangria.   2 platters of shrimp […]

Local Business Spotlight: Dishcrawl

Three years ago, when this was a fledgling food blog attempting to cover a region that even our own residents did not find interesting, Dishcrawl was an infant start up. They invited me to come out to a local Dishcrawl event but the timing never worked out and we soon forgot about each other in […]

Christmas 2012

A visual Christmas story…   Someone decided to overdress this year.     Prime rib   Boo   In other news, I got a food dehydrator for Christmas and I just made all these snacks today. I ate that entire tray of clementines in 30 minutes. Not feeling very good right now but it was […]

2012 Holiday Dinners

The holidays were a slow moving blur this year. Our jet lag and my cold made me feel so slow and yet somehow the days still passed by too quickly. For 2012, my resolution is to run a half marathon and for the blog, I resolve to blog more about local San Jose eats. I […]

Wedding Recap – The Details

This is the last post before we go on our honeymoon in Thailand! I will be documenting my trip for sure, but my laptop is slow so I won’t be blogging. Check my twitter and facebook pages for updates from my trip. See you all after the break! — Here is the last of the […]

Cha Cha Cha Cuba – San Mateo

Ah, I finally get to blog about Cha Cha Cha Cuba. The best tapas in the Bay Area in my opinion. With three locations, two in San Francisco and one in San Mateo, Cha3 has developed quite a reputation for itself. Mainly because of this famous sangria. Sorry, I don’t remember pricing.   I don’t […]

Little China Kitchen – San Mateo

 Happy Lunar New Year! I hope you have all been enjoying Phil’s guest posts about his Hawaii trip. So jealous. And it seems that you enjoy them more than mine because his entries get more views. le sigh…I have to re-establish dominance and remind you all who owns this blog! booyah! Please enjoy some Chinese […]

Jeffrey’s Hamburgers – San Mateo

There’s nothing quite like the joy of finding a dollar bill in your jean pockets or in a stuffed drawer. Even better if you find a gift certificate to a beloved local hamburger joint. Phil had such a day a few weeks ago where he discovered an old gift certificate to Jeffrey’s Hamburgers and we […]