Hula Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs + Giveaway – Santa Clara

Puka Dog is a popular hot dog eatery with multiple locations in Hawaii and has been featured on Travel Channel and Bon Appetit magazine. It’s a hot dog in a closed bun with various island flavored sauces. They spun off a new franchise called Hula Dog with its first location in Santa Clara across the […]

Willow Glen Pizza Factory + Giveaway – San Jose

Willow Glen Pizza Factory specializes in fresh, handmade pizzas, salads, and calzones. The store is located in a new plaza off Meridian Ave. The Pizza Factory chain started an initiative called the “No Bully Zone” program which raises awareness about bullying in schools and the community. They also offer a number of fundraising opportunities for […]

Eureka + Giveaway – Mountain View

Last month, I wrote an article about the Main Street Cupertino complex’s newest restaurant, Eureka! Today, they are opening their second Silicon Valley location in Mountain View on Castro St. I had the pleasure of attending a soft opening where my meal was complimentary. Here’s what I tried. ($10) Rosemary Ruby Red – gin, rosemary, […]

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop + Giveaway – San Jose

A sandwich chain from Wilmington, Delaware has apparently already gained a loyal following in San Jose. This weekend I went to the grand opening of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop on Tasman Rd. in North San Jose. The first 100 customers would receive a gift card for free signature Bobbie’s sandwiches for the year (1 per week). […]

Hidden Garden Foods Gluten Free Cookies + Giveaway

It takes no effort to convince me to eat my veggies. I love them. However, my husband is a different story. But his motto with foods he doesn’t like is that if he can’t taste it, he won’t hate it. Our household has been taste testing bags of cookies from Hidden Garden Foods this past […]

Foster Farms Organic Chicken + Giveaway

In my vague memory, I recall in television commercials where Foster Farms committed to selling chicken raised on organic feed and without the use of anti-biotics. I’m not one to get preachy but you can see in my previous posts that I am a proponent of all natural products. Not everything I eat is organic […]

Blue Isle Mediterranean Yogurt Spread

When Blue Isle told me they were sending samples of their Mediterranean spreads, I thought I would get one or two containers or at least a coupon to get some at my local store. Behold, they sent me 10 containers, two of each flavor. What to do, what to do…   I brought the spreads […]

Vitality Bowls + Giveaway – Cupertino

Superfoods are a trend I have no issues participating in as they are all healthy and good for the body. While Acai berries (ah-sai-ee) are no stranger to the superfood list, they are making a relatively new presence in the Bay Area. It is a highly perishable berry grown on a kind of palm tree in Brazil […]

Rubio’s Langostino Seasonal Items + Giveaway – Cupertino

Rubio’s Coastal Grill is quickly becoming one of my favorite chain restaurants in the South Bay. It’s like a Baja Fresh with seafood. Their new seasonal item features langostino lobsters. They look kind of like small lobsters but the meat comes out more like the tail of a crawfish. Very sweet and juicy. Langostino’s are […]

Islands Restaurant – Cupertino – GIVEAWAY

Islands Restaurant in Cupertino is having an NFL promotion during football season. In short, pretty much whenever there is a football game on, there will be a happy hour deal at the restaurant. Here are the details. Starting September 10, Monday and Thursday happy hour deals are extended from 4PM to close in the bar, with […]