SimpleViet – San Jose

A few years ago, some website’s list of “Things to Eat in San Jose” or something used a photo from my blog post in which I was eating pho. This website ran an ad on the side bar of Facebook so many people saw my photo online (with no attributions or link back to my […]

Vietnam – Tourist Food in Hoi An and Cooking School

We enjoyed 4 days in Vietnam away from family when we jetted off to Hoi An. In recent years, Hoi An has become very touristy and popular for its cultural tours. For us, we just wanted to rent bikes and hang out for 4 days relaxing. Here are a few of the highlights from Hoi […]

Vietnam – Food with Family

ย The first half of our Vietnam trip was spent with family in a small town called Go Cong. I was born here. I liken it to being in the middle of Arkansas or Oklahoma. In summary, we were bored out of our minds. But I did spend lots of time with family and experiencing home […]

Bun Rieu

My mom’s bun rieu is my favorite Vietnamese soup of all time. Yes, it trumps pho by a long shot. Bun rieu is a Vietnamese crab noodle soup served with split ong choy stalks and leaves and sometimes with escargot. Today I attempted to make bun rieu for the first time.   The pork broth […]

Bo Luc Lac – Vietnamese cubed beef over tomatoes and watercress

Using a handful of the watercress from our watercress soup ingredients, I made this bo luc lac dish for the following night. Most people translate this to “shaken” beef because “luc lac” means the sound or movements of the cubes shaking back and forth. Let’s be honest though, there’s no shaking really, just stirring so […]

Watercress Soup

Currently I am in a watercress phase. I used to hate the bitterness so much but my mom made this soup and it just changed my mind completely about this bitter green. Look at the freshly washed watercress! Mom’s tip was to buy bundles with the thinnest and shortest stems. These are more tender. I […]

Goi Ngo Sen – Vietnamese Lotus Stem Salad

This refreshing traditional Vietnamese salad is really easy to make. It can be time consuming to cut everything but once you make a whole batch, it can keep for a week and the fish sauce I made to dress the salad can also keep for a long time. I loosely followed this recipe. The directions […]

Vietnamese Sauteed Shrimp

I was digging through my Vietnamese food archives to post my vermicelli picture on Facebook when lo and behold, I realized I never posted about these shrimp that turned out fantastic. In Vietnamese, I think this is tom ram but Google search results are not giving me any hits on that. I also searched “shrimp […]